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Elevator Entry and Exit Etiquette


Elevator Entry and Exit Etiquette

In and out of elevators, "last in, first out" is principle, and "first in, last out" is comity. Otherwise, it may cause confusion and embarrassment. Mastering the elevator entry and exit etiquette is very important to take the elevator orderly. Using the same elevator should follow the elders, ladies and guests first out, in order to avoid embarrassment by mutual courtesy or incomprehension of elevator etiquette. Of course, it is also a virtue to let a person in need, such as the elderly, pregnant women, disabled people, children, etc., go first. Waiting for the elevator should be on the side of the LOP, you can press the up and down button, when the elevator arrives, you can help press the button to prevent the door from closing, so that people in the elevator can come out, and people waiting outside the elevator can enter. Entry and exit elevators should follow fast-in and fast-out, so as not to be clipped by the elevator door or have serious consequences. Usually, the elevator door opening time is only 10 seconds, 30 or 40 seconds long. So“fast in and fast out”is the safety principle. 


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